Puerto Rico Solar Rooftop

PASH has partnered with Puma Energy Caribe LLC (PUMA), the largest downstream petroleum company in Puerto Rico to develop the first and largest distributed generation rooftop solar PV portfolio in Puerto Rico.

The total installed capacity for the rollout set to be c. 18.3 MWp on the basis of 200 sites, starting with an initial cluster of 100 sites. PASH has already completed installation at 2 PUMA retail fuel station sites with the view of completing the Project in Q2 2022.

The electricity generated from clean energy sources will enable PUMA to displace up to c. 26,718 MT of CO2 per annum at their sites.

Currently only 2.3% of energy is generated from renewable resources. This Project will act as an anchor project for the country in its objective to encourage C&I customers to transition from thermal sources of power to renewables.


  • Location:200 sites in Puerto Rico
  • Installed capacity: 18.3 MWp
  • Status: Pilots Commercially Operational / Rollouts Under Construction
  • Technology: Rooftop mounted solar PV Modules
  • CO₂ emission reductions per year: 26,718 tons


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