THE PASH Foundation


The PASH Foundation is the philanthropic arm of PASH, and its mission is to promote health and wellbeing among the communities where our founding company operates.

The PASH Foundation seeks to establish long-term relationships with the communities affected by the power solutions we provide. Our goal is the advancement of the socioeconomic conditions surrounding our energy facilities through the engagement of existing charitable and philanthropic initiatives with expertise and knowledge of the local areas.

The key PASH Foundation philosophy is that the communities we serve are best positioned to identify how we can help. That’s why one of the first things we do is appoint local PASH Foundation representatives to act as our conduit to local groups and institutions, these representatives liaise directly with PASH’s HQ in London and are given the resources needed to bring our Project’s to life.

The PASH Foundation is also a committed supporter for the achievement of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). With this in mind, the PASH Foundation strives to engage local youth initiatives and secondary education to inform them of global efforts to tackle climate change at the legislative, corporate, and grass roots level.

PASH actively operates in four main areas:


The PASH Foundation is committed to improving the literacy and numeracy of young people. Our work includes subsidising teacher training as well as supporting scholarships for students. We aim to participate in existing scholarship framework in order to enhance the local human capital resources. Such programs are coordinated with local Educational and Employment Directorates in order to establish further outlook for appropriate internships and work placements. 

Welfare of Local Communities

We are involved in a range of social welfare activities aimed at improving the lives of disadvantaged people in local communities. These could include adult education and  contributions to local charities aimed at combating various social issues, housing benefits and free medical facilities. We also support innovative projects tackling causes of poverty and discrimination.

PASH hopes to maximise employment capabilities in local communities. Subsequently, we desire also to make a significant contribution to economic growth opportunities. It is our ambition that through sustainable energy solutions, we will foster upskilling, economic diversification and more inclusive forms of local development.

Sanitation and Clean Water

A major priority for the PASH Foundation is to improve the levels of sanitation and clean water in developing countries. Unicef reports that water and sanitation-related diseases like diarrhoea are one of the biggest causes of death for the under-fives around the world. We are committed to working alongside NGOs to keep children safe by providing better water supplies and sanitation facilities in schools and communities, and by promoting safe hygiene practices.


Protecting the local environment and sustainability are at the core of our values and the role of biodiversity is key to maintaining the balance of local ecosystems. We also aim to tackle environmental issues caused by transportation or infrastructure at land and sea. The PASH Foundation continually monitors local conditions to ensure that plants, animals and other living things are allowed to flourish.