Ghana Solar PV and Battery Project for Puma Energy

PAN-AFRICAN SOLEIL HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. (PASH GLOBAL) has completed an exciting Solar PV and Battery Project for Sierra Ghana 1 Ltd (Puma Energy Ghana), one of the biggest Oil Marketing Company in the midstream and downstream petroleum industry in Ghana. PASH has installed solar PV modules on the rooftop canopies, stores or carports of up to 18 Puma fuel retail stations, and up to 4 Puma Storage Terminals. The total installed solar capacity for the rollout ranges between 394.5 to 462.0 KWp, with the total installed storage capacity ranging between 219.2 to 423.8 KWh. PASH conducts the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the Solar PV systems per the 22 identified sites.
The project provides compelling benefits to Puma Energy Ghana and its retailers by lowering the cost of electricity from what they currently pay to ECG or NEDCo, the Ghanaian national electricity utilities. PASH and Puma Energy Ghana have entered into a formal Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) to execute this project. PASH procured and constructed the Solar PV and battery systems, test and Commission the installations for PUMA Energy Ghana. PASH is also commissioned on a Maintenance services contract for the installed Solar PV during the first year after official systems handover.


  • Location:22 Sites in Ghana
  • Installed capacity: 394.5 to 462.0 KWp
  • Status: Commercially Operational
  • Technology: Solar PV and Battery