PASH Global Publishes Paper on Optimal Sizing and Control Strategy of Hybrid – PV Diesel Systems.

PAN-AFRICAN SOLEIL HOLDINGS PTE. LTD. (PASH GLOBAL) has participated in the technical conference on Power Electronics and Renewable Energy CPERE with presenting a paper titled (Optimal sizing and control strategy of Hybrid – PV Diesel Systems achieving the minimum possible fuel consumption in island operations mode without batteries).

The Paper was presented by PASH’s technical director Ahmed Khattab in CEPERE 2019 which was held in Aswan, Egypt during the period 23 – 25  October 2019.

IEEE Conference on Power Electronics and Renewable Energy (CPERE) is an international conference sponsored by the IEEE Power Electronics Society, with a thematic focus on power electronics and renewable energy applications and aims to bring academicians, students, researchers and practicing engineers from all over the world, to the land of civilization, Egypt.